There are different levels of paint correction; from basic results achieved by hand - to truly amazing results with a machine polisher in the hands of a trained and experienced detailer.

Machine polishing is the art of removing;

  • Scratches & marring
  • Oxidation
  • Fade
  • Hard water marks
  • Swirl marks and holograming
  • Bird lime & Fly squash scarring

The result:

A renewed deep colour, with a rich, high gloss.


Machine polishing is our specialty.


At most body shops the focus is on repairs and paint spraying. Whenever machine polishing is carried out the same generic cutting compounds and foam pads are used. Often they get good results.

As trained detailers, we get excellent results.

We have studied clear coats in depth and understand that vehicles paintwork can react in different ways. We take the time to test several different compounds & polishes and, more importantly, dozens of different density foam cutting pads.

This extra attention takes the end result from good to dazzling.

Our customers often comment that their vehicle looks like it has been resprayed....... at a fraction of the cost!



What is a Machine polisher?