FIBREglass & gelcoat repairs

because when you're having fun, stuff happens


Few things are more disheartening than hearing that crunch of an impact. Luckily everything from a gelcoat ding to the most horrifying hole in a fiberglass hull can be repaired with skill and care, and will be just as durable as before.

To achieve the highest quality repair, diligence and patience are essential. The impact area must be thoroughly inspected inside and out for hidden damage, an exact resin match found or mixed, and each layer hand sanded until a glass finish has been achieved.

Ben Berthon

Ben Berthon

Master REPAIRER: Ben Berthon

Training in Cannes and Marseille, France, Ben worked for prestigious firms such as Azurboats Méditerranée in Saint Tropez before embarking on his New Zealand adventure.

Most recently a member of the repair team for BOATRIGHT in Auckland, Ben is passionate about everything (and anything) to do with boats.