• Restores and maintains highest gloss & deepest colours possible

  • Bonded, hard protective layer that dirt is unable to penetrate

  • Stops paint fade by repelling UV and moisture

  • Reduces washing time dramatically - water sheets off

  • ECO friendly - SealX is the first non-solvent based sealant

  • Long lasting protection - guaranteed for a minimum of 2 years or 5 years with an annual detail

SealX achieved ‘BEST in CLASS’ in a recent Dulux Lab test, and was the only product to achieve a true hydrophobic barrier.

  • Dulux Wettability assessment: Car bonnet panels after 200 hours of QUV-B exposure - equivalent to 6 years of NZ sun
  • Evaluation Criteria: Contact angle needs to be 90° or greater to be considered hydrophobic (repels water)